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Waipahu Community Association (WCA)

The mission of the WCA is “to enhance the economic, social and cultural vitality of Waipahu..”

The WCA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization (Tax ID #99-0093258) , whose broad-based membership  consists of present and former residents,  faith-based organizations, educators, public/private schools, health and  social service providers, businesses, and other other community-based organizations.   Its Board of Directors is comprised of a representative cross-section of the community and a broad range of skills and talent. 

It was reactivated in July 2000 to provide focused attention to the planning, development, and implementation of community-based projects to enhance and support the economic and social revitalization of this culturally-rich, 100+ year old, former plantation town.  

As the umbrella organization for the community, the WCA serves as the facilitator and coordinator of the community’s resources, and provides focused attention to achieving the community’s vision of Waipahu “…. a vibrant community – a safe, clean environment that is healthy and strong in every way.  It is a harmonic blend of old and new, where its plantation heritage is preserved as it meets the needs and opportunities of the new millennium; where business prospers in ways that support community goals; where its residents are trained and able to compete and prosper in the global economy” (Comprehensive Community-Based Economic Development Strategic Plan –(updated 2001).

In December 2003, the WCA was certified as a Community Based Development Organization  (CBDO) by the City & County of Honolulu , a requirement to activate the federal Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area  (NRSA) designation for three (3)  qualifying Census Tracts in Waipahu.     


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