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    Papakōlea Community Implementing Group consists of these main organizations as follows:

    Papakōlea Community Association (PCA)
    Objective: Protect the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920 and the interests of Hawaiian Homestead leases in Papakolea.
    Kula no na Po`e Hawaii (KPH)
    Objective: Promote Multigenerational learning opportunities that instill cultural diversity and sensitivity.
    Papakōlea Community Development Corporation
    Objective: Promote self-determination through the mobilizing broad-based community participation to manage and operate the Papakolea Community Park and Full Center Service Center. 
    Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii – Papakōlea Extension
    The Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii is a youth guidance organization that governs, administers, and operates an expanding network of Island-based Club operations designated "Clubhouses". At present, there are five (5) clubhouses and two (2) extensions including the one operated at the Papakolea Community Park and Center.


    The Papakōlea CIG does not have a formal governing structure and the Papakōlea Community Development Corporation (PCDC), through its Executive Director Puni Kekauoha, is responsible for coordinating the activities of the CIG.  The following individuals work closely with PCDC, representing the four alliance organizations:



    Contact Numbers

    Puni Kekauoha

    President - Papakōlea Community Association

    (808) 520-8998, pca@papakolea@org

    Theone Kanuha

    President - Kula no na Po'e Hawaii

    (808) 520-8998,

    Donnie Hoover

    Program Coordinator - Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii – Papakōlea Extension

    (808) 520-8989

    James Moikeha

    President - Papakōlea Community Park and Full Center Service Center

    (808) 520 8998,

    Harold Johnston President - Papakōlea Community Development Corporation