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EO’s envisioned future for its affiliated communities is that they become healthy, self-sufficient communities linked to each other and to the land in sustainable, productive living environments. It foresees a diversity of economic ventures developed and managed at the community level that also preserve the cultural, historical, and ecological heritage of a diverse island population. No longer passive observers of traditional political and economic decision-making centers, it is envisioned that O`ahu’s communities actively shape their own livelihoods, environments, and futures by collaboratively sharing the responsibility of preserving Hawaii’s unique human and natural resources.”

This future vision underlies Empower O`ahu’s vision statement ...


To achieve this vision, Empower O`ahu’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of O`ahu’s low income communities and to address their own social, economic, and environmental issues by:

  • Increasing community access to technical and financial support.

  • Maximizing the benefits and impacts of community-based planning by affecting and addressing intercommunity, regional, and island-wide strategies and issues.

  • Encouraging and supporting on-going exchanges of information and ideas among communities to affect sustainable development.