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Goal & Accomplishments


Empower O`ahu’s five primary goal areas are:

  1. Preserve our culture and land.

  2. Develop and maintain the physical infrastructure of our communities and island.

  3. Increase the capacity of our community-based organizations to support sustainable economic and community development initiatives.

  4. Increase employment and economic opportunities for residents in EZ eligible low income communities by expanding and strengthening our economic base through business and industrial development.

  5. Increase the economic self-sufficiency of individuals and families, especially those in poverty, within O`ahu’s EZ eligible low income communities. EO has developed 18 strategic initiatives that are described in its strategic plan to impact these five broad goal areas.


Through its partnership with the City and County of Honolulu, and the US Department of Housing and Urgan Development, Empower O`ahu has established the Community Investment Fund Program to support community-based initiatives that generate new economic opportunities for low and moderate income individuals and families in Honolulu’s LMI areas. 

To-date, EO and the City have supported over 20 projects through the Community Investment Fund Program. These projects are expected to assist community members establish over 60 new micro enterprises and create over 90 new jobs.